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Welcome to Nina, a modern platform and toolkit for independent music.

Nina is a music platform.

Nina is a self-publishing toolkit.

Nina is an online record store.

Nina is a home for music communities.

Nina is music online as it should be.

Listeners can discover new scenes and music, directly support artists, and receive exclusive files or access to anything artists choose to offer.

Nina provides a more context-driven approach than most platforms. The relationships between artists, labels, listeners, writers, and supporters serve as pathways for discovering new music and scenes. Actions on Nina – whether it’s uploading a track, following an artist, or making a purchase – are stored on the Solana and Arweave blockchains. This creates a dynamic, public social network and music archive that anyone can tap into, explore further, or develop on top of.

On Nina, artists maintain 100% ownership of everything – sales, music, and context. Nina will never take a cut on digital music sales.

Why build Nina?

Nina is a small team with deep roots in DIY and underground music scenes. We care a lot about how music and music scenes exist online.

Independent artists are underserved by today’s dominant music services. Artists experience low streaming royalties and demonetization, are made to share large cuts of sales revenue on merchandise and downloads, and have to fight to be embraced by algorithms. We think there is another way forward.

Starting from first principles, we are reimagining what it means to release music online. We are building Nina to empower independent music, artists, and scenes at scale.

About the Platform

No subscription fees

There’s no monthly fee required to keep your music up. It’s forever yours – not the platform’s – and can be accessed even if our platform ceases to exist.

100% profit, 100% yours

Unlike other platforms, Nina takes no cut on the sales of your release, whether you’re an individual artist, band, label, or anything else.

Built for collaboration

You can create revenue splits that define how the proceeds are automatically distributed between you and your collaborators.

No one-size-fits-all

Whether your release is an album, single, sample library, or type beat… you can tailor the parameters of its distribution. A release on Nina can be free to download, or listed at any price in limited or unlimited quantities.

A release on Nina can be a key to access more of your art

Bonus Materials are a built-in feature of Nina that allow you to easily provide purchasers with exclusive access to additional digital material.

Powered by blockchain – accessible to all

We see value in open source networks, not owned by any one corporation, that can publicly and permanently host files and payment logic. We are trying to build the most direct way of hosting music and supporting artists online. Nina is built on blockchain rails to enable unique features that private networks cannot. On top of these rails, you can purchase releases with a card that you use for everyday transactions. You still retain full access and added functionalities of the music you collect – we’ve just tried to make it accessible for everyone.

Blockchain, but different

Technically, releases on Nina are semi-fungible tokens (similar to NFTs), issued on the Solana blockchain. In practice this just verifies that you actually own the releases you collect, so you can do things like unlock bonus material from an artist and ensure permanent access to the music in your collection. Most of the releases on Nina are very affordable – or even free!

Advance the conversation around your music

When using our editorial tools, writing about artists and releases becomes part of their linked context.

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