Black Decelerant is a new project from Omari Jazz and Contour. Jazz is known for a lush and jazzy (natch) style of downtempo beats, the sort of tunes that would have been right at home on a Wednesday night at the Los Angeles party Low End Theory in the mid-10s. Contour's music similarly draws from a wide cross-section of broken and dusty genres—think broken beat and dusty deep house—but he also approaches music from the perspective of a more traditional songwriter, making his lyrics as intricate as his sound design.

You can hear these influences in their new project, but, like the best collaborations, the two find a sound completely their own. "five," the second single from their forthcoming LP together for RVNG International, is a song somewhere between the abrasive ambient of West Mineral LTD and spiritual jazz. On the track, a gently meandering guitar line is rearranged by undulating walls of feedback, adding a bit of dissonance to its harmony.  

This tension feels reflective of the project's origin story. The artists started collaborating in 2020, in the wake of the murder of George Floyd; you can hear that sense of mourning throughout "five," but there is also a flickering anger that pulsates underneath. It's the sound of a desire to break down entire systems and build up entirely new ones.