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Camille Keller in NYC

Tour Diary

For the inaugural edition of Tour Diary, Nina has a conversation with Brussels-based artist Camille Keller about his brief tour in New York City, alongside a premiere for the video of his new single, “Get It.”

By ian


There is nothing quite like going on tour. Sure it may sound a little cliche, but for an artist, it's where the profound meets the mundane, the ecstatic collides with routine, and where legends are born while memories endure. There are trials, tribulations, great sets, bad sets, new friendships, and reunions with old friends, the tour is a tapestry of these seminal moments.

In the inaugural edition of Tour Diary, Nina captures these phenomena in a conversation with Brussels-based artist Camille Keller about his brief tour in New York City. During his time in the city, his partner Dallae Chin filmed a music video for his new single, “Get It,” and we are thrilled to premiere it here.

Director: Dallae Chin 

Set assistant: Rogier Clarisse

What brought you to New York?

My dear Jack Lutsky, the owner of the Deleted label, has been following me on Soundcloud since I was a child. Now, he felt that I was mature enough to cross the sea.


Did you do any sightseeing?

Only sightseeing—no museums or anything formal. Just waking up in the morning and searching for the closest Cha Cha Matcha.


Did you make any friends?

Oh, Lord, yes! I was received like a prince, and everyone was incredibly kind. My phone was constantly vibrating with messages to meet up, and I was vibrating with excitement myself.


Photo of Camille at the flagship Brandy Melville store

What was the coolest thing that happened?

I met the guy who played “The Pretender” (Le Caméléon in French), Jarod! He is Jack from Deleted's godfather. We randomly ran into him in Brooklyn and exchanged greetings with our elbows— our ELBOWS! How fancy! He's a good-looking guy. Also, visiting the Brandy Melville Flagship was a memorable experience.

What was the worst thing that happened?

$50 fine because I was caught drinking in the metro—hands behind the back and all of that. US cops are so stressed; calm down.


Photo of Camille playing at Nina HQ

Did you try any new foods?

Puss… Nah, I'm super faithful to Dallae, the love of my life and the director of the music video.


Photo of Dallae and Camille on the flight home to Brussels

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