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Joyriding with Big Leg

rapid pi movement

A chat with the dripped-out, incomparable Berlin-based DJ and producer.

By deep creep


There is no one quite like Berlin-based DJ and producer Big Leg. I realized this moments after witnessing him play one of the most euphoric-bouncy-twisted sets at Kia + Kasun’s un:send festival, which took place an hour and a half outside Melbourne. It all began at about 5 AM … Big Leg was nowhere to be found. And then like a beam of pink tinted light he appeared five minutes before his set, dripped for the doof.


(Big Leg pictured here with our friend Soyoon, a.k.a. DJ Fart in the Club)

He had sleeves for days and donned a little pink cowboy hat with a Goofy tee. It’s safe to say that the drip matched his beloved personality and embodied the essence of who Big Leg is to me and everyone around him.


(Another favorite photo of Big Leg taken at un:send)

Now at first, I was worried that Big Leg might have participated in too many party favors celebrating the New Year. But let’s just say this wasn’t his first rodeo. He took over the decks with charisma and grace. 

Everything about this set, from the situation to the crowd to the weather to the sound to the company, added to the euphoric mood that everyone was feeling. Bjork edits, vocals, wonky tech. I was so inspired to see him play how he felt. It seemed effortless and more in the style of, Hey let’s feel this all out together. 

Hours later we had found the only bed (indoors) at the fest and, escaping the sun, played a little track-for-track on YouTube on my phone. This was the moment that I realized I loved Big Leg and I couldn’t think of a better, wittier person to have for my next rapid pi movement. 

deep creep: Good Morning, good day, and hello Big Leg! Who was the last person you spoke to before falling adrift and what is their favorite song?

Big Leg: Ello ello. Honestly, the last person that spoke at me was Nathan Fielder via the The Curse, a TV show that perfectly executes a character assassination of the property yuppie (landlords = scum ey), and fuck knows what that weirdo listens to. The last real life encounter was with my bestie Juliette on the stairs of our shared studio (well, a dilapidated DDR apartment block disguised as one), and if I ask for her fav song it might take days, so instead I'm gonna shamelessly plug my fav song of hers.

The eclipse happened last month ... Did you feel a shift in perspective?

I mean, who am I to ignore that burning mass over us all, but I didn't, like, wake up with any visions to change my life, I just woke up on the sofa in the studio with peeling faux-leather stuck to my face. Also, it wasn't even visible in Berlin, so some classic US cultural imperialism here (center of the universe, am I right?!). I do feel some new kind of energy in the swamp though, and I've only just returned to it, so it's hard to pinpoint directly. These things usually reveal themselves with time, I'll let the sun and good ol' loony luna work their wonders.


FMK (fuck, marry, kill) ... Three stereotypical types of club-goers.

Well we all know who we are killing: the bruisers, the static bros, the to the front and then lets stand and leer around. Can all fucking do one. Preferably killed by being lured in by trendy prog, only for it to descend to demonic power electronics noise music, that increases in volume until spontaneous combustion. I reckon marry the consistent headsy-yet-joyful raver that is usually milling around the back of the dance, hoods up, occasionally lifting their head to smile around to all, and with a hash spliff hanging from their lips. For the bang it would have to be the steampunk ravers, it's wrong yet so right.

Picture this: it's around 1 AM and you are bedside by the legendary Tchaikovsky ... He asks for one last track before he passes away into sweet slumber. What would it be and why?

Oooh yes love me a good morbid question. I mean, on the surface this question will seem odd to the readers, but for me and the interviewee there can only be one answer. It would have to be D-Pulse's ”Acid Dance of the Plum Fairy,” a sensational refix of the similarly titled Nutcracker banger, massive tune, an eternal riddim. He once said that, “Inspiration is a guest that does not willingly visit the lazy,” which is I guess why I'm always having to force inspiration round to my gaff. Nonetheless, I like to believe that he would hear this and realize that his inspiration has lived on, and also that acid house is the shit.


What trick do you use to fall back asleep during a restless roll and tumble in the sheets?

I mean, it's hard to roll and tumble when you are sleeping upright in a coffin as is my usual preference, but if traveling and being normative in a bed and such, I like to count, like the classic sheep jumping over the fence. Instead of sheep though, it's ravers jumping over the fence to get into a festival. A slight feeling of satisfaction for everyone that makes it helps to slowly return me to slumber.


What was the most vivid dream you had in recent memory?


Now that's a can of worms. A lot of my dreams usually involve a theme park or a carnival of sorts, and recently there was some kind of bizarre theme park with a Jonestown-esque twist, but honestly I can't remember much more than that, perhaps for the best.


If you had to book a 66 hour long rave and only book three DJs. Who would it be and why?

A marathon rave, my favorite pastime! I mean, 22-hours each is a proper slog, requiring not just a party goer, but a slightly deranged one at that. This is where I would have to be nepotistic and put myself in there, fitting this description perfectly, and having already done a 16 plus-hour set in the past (shouts out to the party flat on Frankfurter Allee and those there). In a further nepo style, it would have to be my loves Dugong and  Nipuna, who I formed Astral VIP with. Not only do they have a preposterous level of stamina, but they have the ability to hold a dance floor for absurd lengths of time, a consistent kinetic hypnotic step to keep your brain tickled and the 2-step in motion. Finally, it would have to be my London-based dream team Fizzy Disc and Van Dyke Browne, underground heroes, synced into all music freaked out and on the path of esoteric without becoming too abstract. They are also general music geeks providing the much needed variety over such a length of time.

What is your favorite breakfast in the UK in full detail?

It would have to be Rock Steady Eddie's in Camberwell, London, the ultimate greasy spoon with faded decor and a sheen of congealed oil decorating the place. Proper local spot with all the local oldies and trendies and weirdos all congregating in the one spot. Also affordable in a time of constant spending doom and gloom. You keep it simple: Full English style, especially with a bit of black pudding and the essential fried slice. Also at least three cups of tea, and perhaps the apple crumble with custard to finish it all off.

What was the last track that got stuck in your head?

This earworm always sneaks back and forth, but after hearing again in a queue for a roller coaster probably a 50s macabre teen tragedy song called "Johnny Remember Me" by John Leyton.

Best musical experience in your most recent travels?

Seeing the best jazz trio of our times The Necks from Sydney with my best friend Momo was a proper highlight, along with Yussef Dayes, the drummer from London. In terms of underground delight it would have to go to the Melbourne based band The Vovos, an all-female group who had the perfect post-punk attitude and vibe, loved it! Also shouts to DJ Tsui, a resident at Pawn Shop in Taipei, next level spinner!

Musical inspirations that have nothing to do with music?

Largely theme parks, roller coasters, the fun fair and the carnival. Of course, music plays in these places, but it's the atmosphere, the lights, the motion, and the awe given to the everyday that tickles me with inspiration.


What does this track mean to you?

I had a lot of fun writing this tune, leaning into this more sludge-y sonics that I love, with a slightly off-kilter feeling that isn't quite trip hop but exists more in my concept of 'The Slump,’ a feeling rather than anything specific, which me and my friend Jonah have a whole event dedicated to in Berlin. It is entirely based upon a conversation I had with a beloved weirdo friend of mine, transforming it into this type of cautionary tale which has always been popular in folk music. It also has a sense of humor whilst snarling which is a vibe I get behind in music. Removed from the context of dance music also, it is simply a piece of music, rock or post-punk or whatever you want to call it, and sometimes stepping away from the decks is an important piece of it all.

Big Leg - Sex Cult
Big Leg - Sex Cult rapid pi movement

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