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Label Mix Interview - 3XL

Nina Label Mix

An enigmatic, paradigm-breaking mix from Special Guest DJ's 3XL imprint.

By editorial


There are few artists quite like Shy, a Berlin-based, American-born producer publicly recognized under various monikers including Special Guest DJ, Caveman LSD, uon, and through his myriad collaborations. His own productions and mixes consistently defy expectations, adeptly capturing the essence of the moment while continuously pushing boundaries.

Meanwhile, Shy's contributions to other artists' releases echo this distinctive signature sound. Whether collaborative, enigmatic, or paradigm-breaking, his imprint on the realms of modern club and ambient music is undeniable.

In 2021, a notable shift occurred as Shy's latest venture, 3XL, emerged in the wake of imprints like Experiences Ltd., bblisss, and xpq?, of which he was solely or partially involved in. Since its inception, 3XL has not only delivered straightforward releases from artists like Ulla, Ben Bondy, nueen, and Exael, but also rare collaborative endeavors featuring groups like xphresh, crimeboys, and the evolving band sofa. Unraveling the intricacies of who collaborated with who and discerning the level of care involved is only part of the experience. The music itself speaks for itself, maintaining an unparalleled level of quality and consistency that stands out in today's electronic music landscape.

3XL - Nina Label Mix 014
3XL - Nina Label Mix 014Nina Label Mix

Where are you based? 


Can you describe your label mix?

It’s a trip from the beginning with an unreleased ulla track from years ago, a tape we never made through a lot of beautiful and important tracks and some forthcoming. 

What inspired you to start a label?

The label is just my want to build a platform to support the work of my friends. The sound is change is all around. a chain of memories.

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