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Nexcyia - Endless Path of Memory


Talking to the sound artist about his explorative new record.

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Nexcyia is the pseudonym of Adam Dove, an African-American and French sound artist and musician currently based between London and Paris. Endless Path of Memory, his debut album for the Barcelona label Pensaments Sònics, is a celebration of sound, unencumbered. On the record, the artist uses granular synthesis techniques and a deep archive of audio as a means to reach towards an elusive sonic and emotional space, trading in textures that exist beyond the formal constraints of rhythm and melody. We sent over some questions.

  • 1Intro
  • 2Things Fall Apart
  • 3Tales
  • 4Vanity Mirror
  • 5Xero
  • 6Orchid
  • 7My Eyes Looked Dull and Sunken (feat. Racine)
  • 8Replica
  • 9Bury it Deep Inside Yourself
  • 10June

How did this record come together?

Nexcyia: Most of the tracks were recorded a couple years ago, I feel like the record definitely reflects an earlier period in my life. In the making of this project, I would mess around with a lot of VSTs and Reaktor’s User Library. The album features Racine, a really great sound artist based in Montreal. It took us two years of patience to get this record pressed, so I’m really glad it's out now.

The pieces collected on your debut full length feel like a major break from your earlier work—high-definition, unsettling, and loud. What inspired this transformation?

In producing my debut full-length album, I drew inspiration from a variety of sources that pushed me towards a departure from my earlier work. Firstly, my immersion in hi-definition soundscapes and compositional strategies greatly influenced the sonic landscape of the album. Experimentation with recording techniques that I’ve never used before allowed me to research into the intricacies of textures previously unexplored. My exploration of themes that evoke unease and tension played an essential role in shaping the overall mood of the album. Drawing from personal experiences and observations of the world around me, I wanted to convey a sense of disquiet through both granular synthesis and disabling the grid.

Ultimately, this transformation was driven by a desire to push myself creatively and evolve as an artist. While my earlier work laid the foundation, the process of crafting this debut full-length album allowed me to break free from constraints and explore new sonic territories with a heightened sense of clarity and purpose.


Do you recall any formative musical experiences that brought you to the place where you are today?

Absolutely, my journey in music has been shaped by several formative experiences that have ultimately led me to where I am today as an artist. One of my strongest memories and/or realizations was when I was admitted to the hospital for double pneumonia. My dad came back with a whole box set of ambient music from a variety of different artists, this was what sparked my curiosity to explore new sounds. Throughout my journey, I've also been fortunate to have friends and family who have guided and inspired me along the way. Their understanding, encouragement, and feedback have been invaluable in shaping my musical development.

Moments of personal discovery and experimentation have been instrumental in defining my artistic identity. Whether it's composing my own music, exploring new instruments, or delving into music production, these experiences have allowed me to push the boundaries of my creativity and find my unique voice as an artist.


Who or what has been inspiring you lately?

Without naming anyone, just attending regular live shows and witnessing my friends excel regularly fuels my inspiration. I thrive on this energy, constantly motivated to elevate myself. This attitude extends seamlessly into my daily life.

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