Number 1 Interview Series is about Firsts and Debuts and Geneses and Solitude and Premieres. You are reading a work of Oneness. You are reading the Number One (1) interview series in the world ever of all time and absolutely. There is only one One.

Today The One is Mikey Enwright. We premiere his song ‘Dieve’, a collaboration with ETM.

One image of Mikey Enwright

You’re on Soundcloud. You survey the scene, skimming the buckshot spray of reposted spooky RCB-fellating rap fragments, (fast) “edits”, and direly unfunny viral bait d*nk remixes. Someone made trance but it’s ambient. A Discord ‘collective’ drops a 56-track compilation, each song progressively less played. You wonder if you’ve ever clicked on a link in bio. You’re listening to music, an activity, no, a calling you are defined by. It’s an infinite hole.

And then there’s light: it’s Mikey Enwright. He posts the demo version of a song called ‘THE WORD’. It tingles and sighs. It’s serene, it feels spiritual, it breaks down the corrosive, cynical bile-muck dulling your synapses, it smoothes over the sneer lines and eyeroll grooves trenched across your face. It feels real. It feels rare. It feels felt.

Mikey is an anomaly on Soundcloud. It’s reductive to frame him in platformised terms, but that’s where I’ve come to know him, and it’s why his music feels like such sweet relief. Shimmering bedroom pop. Wide-eyed skygazing. Heartsoaring club nectar.

And today, it’s ‘Dieve’, a collaboration with ETM. And an interview about ones and such. You’ll read below.


You have one day to live, because I'm going to kill you. Your demise is unavoidable and non-negotiable. What do you do with this day?

Spend time with family and friends by the ocean, ideally on the north shore of Massachusetts, and then prepare for death

A beloved one-hit wonder.

I talked to Gotye about music over email briefly when I was in high school. Unbelievably kind and awesome guy. I blew it by inviting him to come hang out with me at the aquarium I was volunteering at when he was on tour. No reply. What could have been

An experience you wish you could relive for the first time.

One time when I was a kid I was on an island in Maine watching the sun rise and I saw a dolphin jump in front of the sun.. was great.

An individual photo taken by Mikey Enwright

Genesis 1: In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. And now we find ourselves engaged in a the-number-one-based conversation. What role does your faith play in your life and music?

I'm a Catholic so it's a big part of who I am, most of my songs are prayers of some kind or another. I saw this painting a few years ago and it perfectly captures how I want my music to sound and feel- living by your highest ideals and encouraging other people to do that too.

You're making your debut appearance for the sports team of your choosing. What team and what's your walkout song?

Red Sox, Digital Love - Daft Punk, one of the best songs ever

First time a piece of art, media or cultural output moved you to tears.

A Message by Coldplay or Spem In Alium , I can't remember

“Premier” is a title given to leaders in some states. The word also relates to the number one, thus qualifying it for this one-themed interview. You can give yourself one pompous honorific, for example Premier or Chancellor or Rector. What one honorific do you choose?

Maybe an Elder? So much cooler than potentate, vizier etc. 

One photo also taken by Mikey Enwright

First world problems y’all! Put your number one pet peeve on blast.

When pop singers do versions of their songs live with a full orchestra, or when they use acoustic drums on a song that has electronic drums. Also songs that are built of of samples like slamming a car door, tapping a glass, drumming with pencils etc

One product you endorse and consent to being the face, body and voice of.

York Mints

First music concert type show you experienced.

First concert was the Boston Symphony Orchestra when I was 10 years old. I went with a big homeschooled family from Kentucky who brought in a big loaf of bread and block of cheese along with a giant butcher knife to hack it up into sandwiches. I remember eating the sandwiches at Dunkin Donuts after the concert. 

What’s your number-one most listened to song of the year so far?

Tears ft. Stine Grove (Aurosonic Remix) - Headstrong


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