Number 1 Interview Series is about Firsts and Debuts and Geneses and Solitude and Premieres. You are reading a work of Oneness. You are reading the Number One (1) interview series in the world ever of all time and absolutely. There is only one One.

Today The One is miriamdola. We premiere his song ‘E!Mark’, which features Liam Cain on piano.

One image of miriamdola.

miriamdola was in the hospital when he sent me responses to my questions. His face was all bloody but like in kind of a cool roguish way, in a way he pulled off and in a way I thought looked good. The blood all up on his face suited him. This is not to advocate for the bloodying of the face of miriamdola. It’s just so say that it made sense in the moment. I don’t think it’s a big mood or swag to bloody miriamdola’s face, and if I catch wind of any attempts to do so, there will be, essentially, consequences.

One image of a message detailing the ballsacal state of miriamdola's hospital neighbour.

That’s because I like his music a lot. Wistful bedroom guitar pop, the occasional plugg-via-Alex-G type crossover, somnambulistic strummers like a Shed-Theorising Elliott Smith. It stands to reason he’s worked with Thomas Thatcher, an artiste whose slow-burning influence cannot be overstated. There’s a tune that’s ‘executive produced’ by Tek Lintowe, there’s his guitar work on Bloodz Boi’s song ‘Mark Kozelek’. miriamdola. Shandong Mafia lieutenant. Married to the mob. Def not expendable grunt vibes; possible future capo. One to watch.

miriamdola’s music. It’s ‘homespun’. Kinda shit/sloppy/rickety sometimes in a way that’s endearing. Why the melancholy, man? What is it? There’s an undercurrent that sloshes through his music. It contains a world, lived autofictitious lore, victories and fuckups and moments of realisation the songs allude to and the images are alive with. I really like it. It feels sad in an indistinct and yearning way, a way that transplants itself to me when I listen. I don’t know what it is, I don’t know why he feels the way he does. But I feel it as well.

On this day, Madjestic Kasual premieres his song 'E!Mark', which I think is one of his best to date. It features Liam Cain on the piano. miriamdola is interviewed below.


You have one day to live, because I'm going to kill you. Your demise is unavoidable and non-negotiable. What do you do with this day?

Hang out with you, invite you to dinner with my wife. Meet my best friends. Make a tea. Go to the temple together. In the end, you nod to me "its time". I turn to my wife and she knows I'm sorry. 

I'm leaving now. We walk to a grave I already prepared next to my great grandmothers tomb in Suzhou and I say "get along with it my brother. Don't worry. I won't haunt you as a ghost.". I fall perfectly into the grave knocking a pebble down which causes an avalanche of the dirt pile I dug to bury me. It causes the least trouble for anyone.

One image of miriamdola and other people at what appears to be a life event.

"Doing a number one" is a euphemism for pissing urine through your urethra. Tell me a good pee-related anecdote.

This guy im in the ER with just said "oh my god i gotta piss so bad - you think im joking i fractured my penis". He's making painful noises now. It's 12:30 Am. 

What’s your number one most-listened to song of the year so far?

Match - Horsesrideby

I have here a medal on which the Number 1 is engraved. You can give it to one person who deserves it. They will wear it with pride, probably forever. Who do you give it to?

Liam Cain - He deserves it.

One image of miriamdola and one person.

First world problems y’all! Put your number one pet peeve on blast.

Sometimes I feel lazy. Its really bad.

First-mover advantage is the ability to be better off than one’s competitors as a result of being first to market in a new product category. And yet… visionaries are rarely recognised in their time. Who, past or present, are people you think were or are too ahead of the curve for their own good? Throw some love on their names.

Need to shout out my brother Jack Zebra. He is just doing his thing and it's so unique. There's not a voice like his and his lyrics are like Sun Tzu meets Modest Mouse but better. 

It's nice to look out for number one. What does self-care look like for you?

Get a couples massage, get some groceries. Make a healthy dinner. Drink some tea, write some notes, and go to bed early.

One image sent by miriamdola what I think is a Chinese street.

The Oneman abides. Favourite Joeyy tune of the moment?

Always love the classic Petco

One decision that changed your life for the better.

Making Music. 

One decision that changed your life for the worse.

Making Music. 


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