Minted Chaos: A Community Experiment in Chance Dance



For this season's theme of Minted Chaos, Refraction collaborated with Detroit's Pure Rave collective on an audio experiment: inviting the extended Refraction community to dive into Abstract Turntablism and apply some of the derived techniques developed by the collective to create Chance Dance audio pieces in Pure Rave style.

Our goals were to open a creative dialogue around this sonic art form in an approachable and tangible way, to give the opportunity and provide the tools to explore, and, finally, to commit the results of these experiments onto the blockchain.

A huge thank you to Pure Rave, the Nina team, and all participants: Big Lake Clyde, Church Shuttle, Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman, Friends Of Alan, gavcloud, Ost inato, PERLEX, rTchAd, Shadowsweat, split iris, The Sovereign Individuals.


About Refraction: Refraction is an artist-owned cultural co-op of more than 1000 musicians, artists, curators, DJs, programmers and industry workers, building a participatory ecosystem for the future of art and culture. Using blockchain technology and Web3 practices, Refraction experiments with decentralized models of ownership, organization and governance at the intersection of art, music, and community-building. Our ultimate goal is to deliver the economic upside back to artists, by hosting global music + visual art events, community NFT Drops and cultural experiences. We believe there is no power for cultural change greater than a creative community collaboratively building around what inspires them.

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About Pure Rave: Pure Rave is a collective based in Detroit, Michigan and an ongoing experiment in \\\"chance dance\\\". Using various prepared turntables, \\\"damaged\\\" records, the occasional drum machine, rudimentary CDDJ loops, and 133.33 bpm loops. The effect is an indeterminate arrangement of patterns and rhythmic sonic collage. Real-time experimentation with the goal of hitting your pleasure center for whatever your brain thinks is interesting.

Set amidst the context of contemporary Detroit electronic music, the group has no trouble finding endless bins of trashed Midwestern dance records and no problem hosing them off in the front yard of their apartment building. Cheap or free turntables of questionable condition are also bountiful in this town.

Expanding on techniques developed by experimentalists Christian Marclay, Pierre Schaeffer, Otomo Yoshihide, Maria Chavez, Qbert, Graham Dunning, Institut Fuer Feinmotorik, and anyone who's ever enjoyed what happens when their record starts skipping, Core members Nick George, Bryan Dulaney, Will Lawson and Cy Tulip approach the Pure Rave project as a set of rules and limitations for an inaccessible academic experimental music scene and vapid modern DJ culture. In Fluxus-like fashion, the result is often humorous.

Pure Rave Manifesto (Sept 2022)

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Artwork by Eric Chen.

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