Name: My name is Kamwangi Njue. I’m currently making beats under the 7headc0 moniker.

Location: Nairobi, Kenya

Can you tell us about this track? 

It's a prequel to my musical journey outside my mind, in the real world.

What's your process?  

Currently, I'm using Koala Sampler, an app for android and iOS devices by ElfAudio. Koala Sampler enables me to create ideas on my phone. I really love its piano roll, the sequencing and playing. First I look for samples on my phone, mostly screen recordings, either from youtube digging or importing downloaded files. Then I auto-chop and find drums for rhythm and other sounds. The performance effects on Koala are so good that you can make cuts and pitch to extraordinary effect. The stutter reminds me of battle DJ tactical routines, also found in SP Samplers, (I own an SP404). Koala works almost the same for my beat routines, with the advantage of it being pocket size.

Who are your biggest influences?  

I’m one of the many beatmakers who was insanely influenced by LA's Low End Theory and SP sample cultures and online communities. I'm also influenced by producers from the 90s who took sampling and cemented its clear cut hip-hop aesthetics. Madlib is really a major influence. Ras G, Dibiase, Budamunk, Ill Sugi, Ohbliv, and those who surround us with their unremitting releases.

Who's your favorite artist on Nina? 

Beat Detectives! 

Any shoutouts? 

I want to send my shoutouts to all the beatmakers in Nairobi, also to all the soulhoppers and the MLB (major league beatbattling) discord. 

You can follow 7headc0 on Nina and Instagram.