Name: RVMP (Pronounced Revamp)

Location: Nairobi, Kenya

Can you tell us about this track? 

Comodo” is one of my favourite tracks I ever put out. It all started when I heard the intro to Justin Timberlake's "Let The Groove Get In." There's a sample that happens in the intro of that song that I immediately fell in love with, so I took that part and built the entire track off that. I later found out that it was an even earlier sample from 1983 Burkina Faso Rhythms of The Grasslands. Wish I found that out earlier and I would have sampled that original piece instead. 

What's your process? 

My process is usually very easy and non-structured. Most of the time, all my tracks start with melody ideas I hear in my head. I then either paint them into my DAW piano roll or play them on my MIDI keyboard and then build off that with extra chords and percussion, kicks and hats, and of course the bass.

Who are your biggest influences? 

My biggest influences are DrewsThatDude and Noah "40" Shebib.

Who's your favorite artist on Nina? 

My favourite artist on Nina is my fellow collective mate MR. LU. We are friends first but I'm also a huge fan of his work and sound. Oh, I also recently discovered another artist on Nina called Dasychira. I love their sound so far and I am waiting to hear more.

Any shoutouts? 

I'd like to shout out my whole XPRSO collective and hopefully soon we can all be on Nina.

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