Among the multitude of artists emerging from America's heartland in the last half-decade, one enigmatic figure who has managed to remain below the radar is the Chicago-based artist heoliene. Perhaps it's the distinctive muted IDM sound, combined with a precisely defined yet subdued greyscale visual aesthetic that imparts a cryptic quality to the overall listening experience. Blink and you could miss it, but you shall be rewarded for paying attention. ‘loom soundtrack’ offers a more profound glimpse into heoliene’s artistic realm, featuring 14 compositions that serve as the soundtrack for an online walkthrough game. The experience seems to channel the atmospheric vibes reminiscent of games like Myst or Silent Hill, heightened by heoliene’s signature visual aesthetic.

For a firsthand experience of 'loom,' the artist's creation, you can explore it at and immerse yourself in heoliene's unique sonic and visual universe.