This four-track suite from ICQ BABY, one of many projects headed by the Brazilian producer and DJ Agazero, hits like crazy, presenting the artist’s takes on the emerging Jersey Drill subgenre that rappers like Bandmanrill and SweepersENT’s Sdot Go, Jay Hound, and Jay5ive have come up through. But of course, there’s the element of translocation—originally from Rio de Janeiro, ICQ BABY drops stylings that reflect their unique and strongly developed sensibilities. The first track, “I’LL KEEP,” ushers you into the nascent genre’s rhythms across a gorgeous soul sample and reworked rap vocals that replace the bed squeak you expect to hear on Jersey Club with chopped up vocals. And there’s a particular attention to the space of the track and how its different elements are sequenced that only add to the danceability of its rhythms.

If the warmth of the opener made me forget the winter storm I’ve been in the middle of, the following track, “MIRROR ON KAY FLOCK” is so icey that the weather doesn’t even bother me. Instead, all I want to do is spin blocks and get sturdy, even though I’m not even about it like that. The vocals from Flock’s “Can’t Hold Me,” with the rapper’s inimitable delivery and patented “GRAH” ad-libs, glide over an ICQ BABY beat that is insanely cold. The whispers of a church choir mutate into a synth hold the track down while the drums jump between the thumping kick of Jersey Club and those ever-precise snares of NYC Drill—the percussion pulls away for a brief moment that feels deceptively long and then you’re thrown back into the fray with the beat demanding movement, all punctuated with a sample of gunshots.