There’s a hopeful energy coursing through No Road No Problem, the debut album from ity, which arrives courtesy of the very tasteful Amsterdam-based label Seedlink. There’s no single genre in which to stuff this thing, but that optimistic mood is eminently familiar. Opener “Satellite Service” appears to use the same old Macintosh text-to-speech voice as Radiohead’s “Fitter Happier,” but softens the robotic chill of its words with a glittering synth background. And “Song For People” channels those synths into a futuristic backbeat for an Organ Tapes-style autotuned vocal. But ity isn’t plaintive, like Organ Tapes often is, and he’s not doomy, like Radiohead was in 1997. You can read contentedness in the titles. ”No road? No problem.” And the closing track—one of this project’s most beautiful—is called “Family,” which makes me happy.