1. Name: Fernando Díaz de la Vega Sánchez aka nihilnimal

2. Location: Mexico City

3. Can you tell us about this track? 

“Machinejazclub” is the title track of an EP made up of tracks that were recorded as one takes on a cassette tape machine. They were my attempts at being a jazz musician, but I only played drum machines, samplers, and synths. The song samples Rashied Ali, one of my favorite drummers of all time. 

4. What's your process? 

When I had this setup, which was all hardware, I would tweak my equipment until I found a sort of consonance between rhythmic elements and sounds. After spending hours trying to understand and get comfortable with the different elements, I would record an improvisation which would leave a lot of things to chance. 

In my current project, Chicloso, which is mainly vocal and produced completely in the box, there is less improvisation except for the first vocal ideas. Afterwards I spend quite a lot of time writing lyrics based on the melodies and phrasing I first improvised. 

5. Can you tell us about your scene? 

The scene I hang out with is made up of mostly DJs and producers who promote Latin electronic music, and intersecting with people who work in fashion. At these parties you can hear from reggaeton to Brazilian funk to jersey, guaracha, and drill. DJ sets go hard and eclectic most of the time. 

I think I’m the only singer in this scene but my production is influenced by the edits and music played in these parties, people’s styles, as well as things I live while out at night. 

6. Who are your biggest influences? 

808 Melo, Axl Beats, Pop Smoke, Karol G, Junior H, Virgil Abloh, my cats, family, friends, too many to list. 

7. Who's your favorite artist on Nina?

CNDSD, COR.S, Turning Torso, in no particular order.

8. Any shoutouts?

Shoutout to Kebra, my favorite performer, DJ, and lover. 

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