1. Name: David Sánchez aka Turning Torso 

2. Location: Mexico City 

3. Can you tell us about this track?  

This track is a symbiotic fusion of intense energy and calmness. The syncopated drum patterns are interwoven with the dembow rhythm.

4. What's your process?

I usually start with a beat in Ableton Live and then try to add a main motif or melody.

5. Can you tell us about your scene?

There is always someone new to listen to in this city. Events from all kinds are happening constantly and a lot of international artists get inspiration from their experiences in CDMX. 

6. Who are your biggest influences? 

Tim Hecker, Mark Fell, Luis Alberto Spinetta, Julian Carrillo

7. Who's your favorite artist on Nina? 

J. Albert 

8. Any shoutouts? 

All my CDMX friends in Nina: CNDSD, Nihilnimal, COR.S, KOI, Amina Cyu, Nico, EAMS, Bluecommand, Nueve Vidas.

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