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Vís Interview

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Vís - Feather Dub
Vís - Feather DubVís

Location: Kyoto, Japan

Can you tell us about this track?

Feels like bouncing or falling angel wings.

What's your process?

I'm a beginner, but I usually first sit on the couch and listen to my favorite songs or favorite mixes to get excited, and when I find a good sound, I sample it.

Can you tell us about your scene?

My city Kyoto is a very calm city that seems to be in sync with the flow of the Kamo River. There is a club we trust called West Harlem and a small art space called Soto. I think combined with the slow vibes of this city, genres like house, reggae, and ambient are loved in our scene. Shoutout to E.O.U, Dove, Torei, Kazumichi Komatsu, Souj.

Who are your biggest influences? 

I can't choose the best, but the Special Guest DJ I saw last year in Osaka was amazing!

Who's your favorite artist on Nina? 

DJ RISH and Priori's Nina Mix 008 are my favorites.

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