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Yusaku Arai Interview

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Yusaku Arai - 親密さ
Yusaku Arai - 親密さWill Records

Location: Kyoto

Can you tell us about this track?

The main theme of the A-side of “a two” is the body of the photographer. One of these songs is “白日” which was titled “歩行(者” when it was a demo. When I say “body of the photographer,” I am of course talking about an observing subject, but one that actually changes itself through its relationship to the things that appear in front of it. This process is both internal and fluid.

What's your process?

My composing technique was cultivated through MPC1000, so that I often use it for sampling even now after switching the production environment into a computer.

The material of “白日” was made mostly by sampling and produced at a studio located in Kyoto.

Can you tell us about your scene?

I think the Kyoto scene around me is very small but very talented.

Who are your biggest influences? 

For musicians, Fumitake Tamura, Toru Takemitsu, Charles Mingus and many R&B artists formed me.

Who's your favorite artist on Nina? 


Any shoutouts? 

Shoutouts to researcher Dan who translated #3 and designer Heijiro Yagi & photographer Azusa Yamaguchi, DJ Healthy.

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