Name: Lorenzi

Location: Paris 

Can you tell us about this track?

Each track I produce is a reflection of my current state of mind and my situation at a precise time. This song was made to break from my daily routine in Paris with the use of noise from my hometown. The soft and soothing voice of the subway always reminds me of a longtime friend that I haven't met in a while.

This ambient piece also evokes the summer holidays that I usually spend, trying to reconnect with my roots and my family. It’s also a short trip to explore vivid memories, a path to places that defined me as an artist and a human being.

What’s your process ?

I started this track at the start of summer but I quickly stopped working on it. I felt that I needed to get a bit more life experience in order to finish it. It was like I wasn’t ready to continue the song. I used my voice to complete the melodies I had in my head.

Can you tell us about your scene?

I don’t feel like I belong to a specific scene. I don’t like to put things in boxes. I always thought I didn’t fit in one music genre but felt more comfortable doing my own music. 

Who are your biggest influences?

My biggest influences are Whitearmor, 7038634357, Torus, dj lostboi, 500 & Himera.

Any shoutouts?

Shoutout to Strelitzia, Keyline & Saaga.