Name: Talita Otović

Location: Paris

Can you tell us about this track and your process?

This track is a collaborative project launched on Club Late Music by SNKLS. He sent some samples and I instantly got caught by the arp that I used to lead the track. I quickly built up something referring to a sort of foolish and naive violence, so I picked some samples from one of my favorite movies: Gummo. In that scene there are three kids playing in a wasteland and they pretend to kill the one with the rabbit ears. The rabbit fell on the floor and the others kept insulting him and asking if he's dead after shooting him many times with their plastic guns. 

I love to work on the paradox between unconsciousness and consciousness in my music and the way we can oscillate between clarity one day and total confusion about something another day. This scene always reminds me how kids and later adults grow up exploring major concepts like violence and how it’s subtle to draw the line at when the violence we can receive or give starts.

Can you tell us about your scene?

My scene is made of hardcore heads, TikTok wizards, squatters and doomed poets, at the end of the day we all get along really well to create homegrown spaces with a few means. I got inspired by the struggle we share to be there and understand what's going on but also by the excitement we have in common when it comes to craft everything out of nothing.

Who are your biggest influences?  

My friends, always, whether or not they create music. I also love people doing demos of music gear without talking on Youtube.

Any shoutouts? 

Shoutout Laura Trance.