Name: S Diamah

Location: Paris

Can you tell us about this track?: “Istiqlal part II” is the last track from my EP Istiqlal released in 2021 on Santé Records. It’s an alternative and experimental version of the track “Istiqlal.”

Whats your process? I’ve co-produced this track with Apollo Noir in his studio. The idea was to create an ethereal outro for my EP. We recorded a bass and electric guitar and used analog and modular synths.

Can you tell us about your scene?  The underground electronic music scene in Paris combines an extensive range of intertwining subgenres. Its aesthetics are vast and it’s always in movement. I've met and collaborated with some very talented artists in Paris in the past few years. I consider collaboration in music to be crucial in my development as a solo artist. 

Who are your biggest influences?  Aphex Twin

Any shoutouts? Shoutouts to my fellow womxn artists surpassing themselves and who, every day, redefine electronic music.